An Entire Wardrobe From Bacteria

Can you believe it ? Nothing is impossible! Suzanne Lee, U.K. fashion designer and a senior research fellow at the School of Fashion & Textiles at Central Saint Martins in London, created incredible eco clothes.

With at least a couple of bathtubs, some yeast, a pinch of bacteria, and several cups of sweetened green tea she realizes an entire wardrobe.

The idea came from her experiment in growing garments from the same microbes that ferment the tasty caffeinated beverage.

From this microbial mix, fibers begin to sprout in a thin wet sheets of bacterial cellulose that can be molded.

After picked out the sheets, she made a dress dry them out and overlapping the edges like fused seams.

The sheets of bacterial cellulose make a thin fibers that can be easily molded in a dress form.

The collection will be display at London’s Science Museum, as part of the Trash Fashion: Designing Out Waste.

This new exhibition investigates how the latest design and technology will help to create wear without waste and what all can be done to reduce the impact of throwaway fashion.


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