Ataraxia Unveils Details of Upcoming Album “Centaurea”

Ataraxia Releases New Single “Galen” with Music Video, Announces Upcoming Album “Centaurea”

Ataraxia, the Italian neoclassical darkwave veterans, have released a new music video for their song “Galen,” ahead of the release of their 29th studio album, “Centaurea”. Known for blending the ancient with the modern, Ataraxia, formed in November 1985, led by the distinct vocals of Francesca Nicoli, continues to explore themes deeply rooted in nature and pagan cultures.

The new track “Galen” is a precursor to the album “Centaurea”, set for release on May 22, 2024, through The Circle Music. This album, which includes eight original tracks and two exclusive bonus tracks for CD purchasers is the 29th album of the band. It also continues a thematic trilogy that began with the album “Pomegranate“, celebrating elemental spirits and leading towards a conclusion inspired by the Elysian Fields.

The narrative of “Galen” unfolds around a mystical forest, home to a druidess and druids who, through their deep connection with the land, perform rituals to safeguard “Centaurea” – an unspoiled sanctuary depicted as experiencing a perpetual Golden Age. Ataraxia describes the song as a mesmerizing journey through natural and spiritual realms, mirroring the profound connection between the soul and the earth.

The album’s lyrics, a collection of poems by Francesca Nicoli and Mara Paltrinieri, are performed in a variety of ancient and modern languages, spanning ancient to modern. The album features the musical talents of Totem Bara, who adds his cello to three tracks, enriching the band’s sound.

Each format of the album features unique artwork, created by Nicolas Ramain. The limited box edition includes a vinyl artbook, and the CD version, along with the merchandise, displays the artistic contributions of Insetti Xilografi and Mary Vareli.

Ahead of the album’s release, Ataraxia plans to unveil three singles, each accompanied by a video that explores the mystical landscapes and rituals of “Centaurea”.

The album “Centaurea” is currently available for pre-order in various formats, including CD, vinyl, and a special box set, through The Circle Music. This announcement follows the release of “The Source”, a bonus track music video from the upcoming album, introducing the uilleann pipes to Ataraxia’s instrumental repertoire for the first time, played by Gregorio Bellodi.

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