Barbapapa for Eco-Friendly Kids Who Love Colors

Nowadays be not environmentally harmful, reduce the amount of waste, recycle products, be responsible on littering, reduce daily energy consumption, have a green healthy life respecting the nature, is more and more important.

We may not make the difference, but we may give a little help for the future of our planet earth.

Being conscious is a step that can be easily done by learning how we can make our part of the puzzle.

Sometimes when we have the opportunity to learn these things when we are kids we immediately get the points and work hard.

Even if Barbapapa is a 46-year-old series, is a timeless classic and it can be a good and easy way to start introducing the importance of green living and can help in raising kids eco-friendly.

Barbapapa’s stories are more relevant since we need to be more conscious of the importance of being environmentally friendly.


Stories are simple, short and reach the point: not creating harm to the environment.

The French-American couple, Annette Tison and Talus Taylor, at the Luxembourg Gardens, in Paris, get inspired by a child asking for “baa baa paa paa” literally translated as “father’s beard” but in that case means cotton candy.

The crossover of the two meanings created the picture of a pink-candy-floss beardy-fellow. The couple sketched a rotund character and gave him the name of Barbapapa.

They created other eight characters and made an eco-friendly family super active in respect for the environment, saving animals, and preventing pollution.

The beautiful books they draw together and their stories have been translated worldwide and transformed into comics and television series.

The Barbapapa Family:

  • Barbapapa was born in a garden, just like a flower. He is always ready to help in the most difficult situations. His goodwill is inexhaustible.
  • Barbamama is Barbapapa’s wife.
  • Barbabelle spends a lot of time putting on makeup.
  • Barbalala loves music and plays all kinds of instruments. Barbabright has a big interest in chemistry and in make inventions.
  • Barbazoo loves and protects nature and animals.
  • Barbabravo is a sportsman.
  • Barbalib is always immersed in books.
  • Barbabeau is hairy and he loves every form of art.

Barbapapa is a timeless classic and it can be a good and easy way to start introducing the importance of green living and can helps in raising kids eco-friendly

Personally, after ages, when I watched it again, I appreciated the strong message made in a so simple and full of colors way – easy and catchy.

Kids can learn the messages and make very easy draw thinking about the stories and what they have understood.

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