Bathory’s Legacy Detailed in New English Biography

The Comprehensive English Biography of Bathory by José Luis Cano Barron

“From Hades to Valhalla… BATHORY – The Epic Story” is an upcoming biography set to be published in English for the first time, detailing the history of Bathory, a Swedish band in the evolution of the black metal and Viking metal genres. Authored by José Luis Cano Barron, a well known metal journalist, the book is slated for release on May 29, 2024, by Pagan Records and Monomaniax.

From Hades to Valhalla… BATHORY – The Epic Story” will be available from 29 May 2024, and can be pre-ordered via Pagan Records

Originally written in Spanish, this edition marks the first time the book will be available in English, expanding its accessibility to a broader audience. The biography consists of 156 pages and includes rare photographs, illustrations, and reproductions, offering a comprehensive look at Bathory’s transformation from their early days in black metal to their later Viking metal achievements. The book provides an in-depth analysis of their significant impact on the metal scene worldwide.

José Luis Cano Barron brings his extensive experience and insider knowledge to this work, shedding light on the creative processes and the cultural relevance of Bathory’s music, particularly focusing on the band’s enigmatic leader, Quorthon.

Bathory was formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1983 by Quorthon, whose real name was Thomas Forsberg. The band is frequently cited as a pioneer of both black metal and Viking metal. Their early work was instrumental in the formation of the black metal genre, with albums like Bathory (1984), The Return…… (1985), and Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1987) being particularly influential.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Bathory began to incorporate themes based on Norse mythology and Viking history, moving towards what is now known as Viking metal. Quorthon’s death in 2004 marked the end of the band, but Bathory’s influence persists in the metal scene, inspiring numerous bands and musicians across various subgenres.

About the Author

José Luis Cano Barron is a seasoned journalist and author known for his deep engagement with the metal music scene. His works often explore the intricate histories and cultural dynamics within the genre. His previous publications include detailed accounts of significant movements and labels in metal music, such as Black Metal y sus antecedentes siniestros en el Rock y el Heavy Metal 1960-1994, and biographies like Reporte de Guerra – 40 anos de SODOM 1982-2022.

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