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Large Herbivores vs. Large Carnivores

Large Herbivores vs. Large Carnivores: Size and Evolution Analysis

Why are elephants so large? The Secrets Behind the Size: Comparing Large Herbivores and Carnivores In the world of mammals, size differences are notably prevalent … Read more

1980s Independent Metal Bands

Heroes of the Metal Underground: 1980s Independent Metal Bands, Interview with Alexandros Anesiadis

The Bands that Defined a Decade: The Rise of 1980s Independent Metal. The 1980s: a decade often remembered for its neon lights, larger-than-life hairstyles, and … Read more

Shakespeare's Contribution to English Vocabulary

The Language Alchemist: Shakespeare’s Contribution to English Vocabulary

Beyond Invention: Shakespeare’s Adaptation of Classical and Foreign Elements An in-depth look at Shakespeare’s unparalleled contribution to English vocabulary through innovative techniques and creative adaptations … Read more

How do dogs perceive television

Canine Cognition: Understanding Dogs’ Interaction with Television

How do dogs perceive television? Memory Recall: Dogs and Visual Cues on Television Unravel the mystery of how dogs perceive and interact with television. This … Read more

Interview with ChatGPT

Interview with ChatGPT: Empathy, Creativity & Humor according to an AI

Interview with ChatGPT on self-awareness, copyright issues, empathy, job displacement, creativity and humor. AI systems play a very significant role in creative activities and are … Read more