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Harry Cloud The Cyst

Harry Cloud Talks ‘The CYST’, Interview

An Exploration of Experimental Music Harry Cloud is a talented musician and producer known for his unique sound and captivating performances. In this interview, he talked about his musical journey, how he got started in the industry, his collaboration with Paul Roessler, and the artistic process behind the creation of his music. Harry’s latest album, “The CYST,” is a mesmerizing collection of tracks that showcase his talents as a songwriter and performer. His music is a blend of different genres, and he draws inspiration from artists like Harvey Milk, Butthole Surfers, and Phish. Despite the challenges of being an experimental … Read more

Interview with ChatGPT

Interview with ChatGPT: Empathy, Creativity & Humor according to an AI

Interview with ChatGPT on self-awareness, copyright issues, empathy, job displacement, creativity and humor. AI systems play a very significant role in creative activities and are a contemporary tool in constant use in modern society. Their skills grow and improve at such a speed that people could wonder if they can be more than a tool, as work colleagues, or real creative entities in their own right. To better understand what role they will assume in the near future, we thought to speak directly with the subject in question. We asked a few questions about this topic to an AI in … Read more

Blue Plate Special

The devil is in the details: The Art of Jeff Lee Johnson, Interview

Jeff Lee Johnson is an American illustrator, who grew up in Minnesota. Thanks to his mother’s guidance and inspiration, who provided him with a supply of materials, and instructions, Jeff embarked on a career as an illustrator and artist. The artist began with commercial illustration before moving on to sci-fi and fantasy themes. Jeff currently splits his time between personal projects and art directing for Fantasy Flight Games. His intricate illustrations bring to light the monsters that hide behind the banality of everyday life. Official site | Deviant Art Can you tell us a little about you? I am currently … Read more

De Arma

Interview with the Goth-Rock Band ‘De Arma’

We interviewed Andreas Pettersson (vocalist and co-founder of De Arma) to talk about the origins of the goth-rock band and the new three-song EP “Nightcall.” Andreas Pettersson, guitarist, singer, and bassist, founded De Arma in 2009. After enrolling drummer Johan Marklund, the pair recorded three tracks for “Towards the Shores of the End” (Nordvis), a 2011 split with British band Fen. Encouraged by the strong reception to the split, De Arma began writing and tracking a full-length album later that year. Despite keeping a distinct feeling of darkness, the music had now moved beyond black metal and into goth rock … Read more

fish-free seafood Sea bass nigiri

Interview with Anne Palermo, CEO, and cofounder, Aqua Cultured Foods

The future of the fish-free seafood: Aqua Cultured Foods, Interview with Anne Palermo CEO, and cofounder Aqua Cultured Foods is a Chicago-based food-tech startup that uses microbial fermentation to make fish-free calamari that tastes, feels, and looks like its seafood counterpart. When did you start Aqua Cultured Foods? Where did the idea come from? After a career in finance, I transitioned into food tech, food science, and culinary innovation. I launched my first CPG (consumer packaged goods) food company and developed proprietary technology for a high-protein snack that used alternative proteins and grew it to a national presence. However, after … Read more

David Plunkert portrait cropped

The Work of David Plunkert, Interview

David Plunkert is an American illustrator, graphic designer, poster artist, and co-founder of Spur Design LLC in Baltimore MD. His works have appeared in numerous Fortune 500 companies’ advertising campaigns as well as newspapers, magazines, and recording labels. He has been featured in many books including New Masters of Poster Design, Mixing Messages, Typography Sketchbooks, The Greatest Rock Albums that Never Were, and others. David has received gold medals from the Society of Illustrators NY and the Best Film Poster Award at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW). His cover for The New Yorker titled “Blowhard” was named Magazine Cover … Read more

Kira credit Jack Grisham

Interview with Kira Roessler

Kira Roessler is one of the artists who helped to shape the music scene in L.A, being a member of such bands as Waxx, the Visitors, Geza X and the Mommymen, the Monsters, Sexsick, Twisted Roots, Black Flag, and dos. Kira’s solo debut was out on 10/19/2021 via KITTEN ROBOT RECORDS. In 1983 Kira replaced Chuck Dukowski in Black Flag. Black Flag chose her after seeing her play in DC3, a Los Angeles punk band. She played on five Black Flag albums and remained in the band until the end of the In My Head tour in 1985. After the … Read more

Electronicos Fantasticos Ei Wada

The native electromagnetic music of ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!, Interview with Ei Wada

ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! turn old electric devices into electromagnetic musical instruments. “ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!” is a project led by artist/musician Ei Wada in which various people work together to revive electronic products that have outlived their usefulness into new electronic instruments and gradually form an orchestra. In 2009, he started the group Open Reel Ensemble, which manipulates and plays reel-to-reel tape recorders. He has provided music for ISSEY MIYAKE’s Paris Collection 11 consecutive times. Official site | Youtube What are your major musical influences? What music do you listen to? The first was gamelan music, which I experienced when I was three … Read more


Interview with comic book illustrator Darick Robertson

Darick W. Robertson is an American artist and comic book illustrator who co-created, most notably Transmetropolitan, Happy!, and The Boys. He has illustrated hundreds of comics in his career. His work ranges from science fiction characters of his own creation to work on famous classic characters from Marvel and DC Comics. Robertson created his first comic “Space Beaver” a cute beaver running around shooting people, while still in school. His well know artwork Transmetropolitan, a cyberpunk transhumanist comic book series, was nominated for an Eisner Award. The Boys comic book series was written by Garth Ennis and co-created, designed, and … Read more

Fulu Miziki

Interview with Fulu Miziki a collective of artists with unique sounds and style

Fulu Miziki is an eco-friendly afro futuristic punk music band based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. This multidisciplinary collective group was founded by Pisko Crane joined by performing artists Aicha Mena Kanieba, Le Meilleur, DeBoul, La Roche, Padou, Sekelembele, and Tche Tche. Someone’s Trash is Someone’s Treasure: Fulu Miziki costumes, masks, and instruments are handmade 100% recycled. Their orchestra is made from objects found in the trash. Making their own performance costumes, masks and instruments are essential to their approach and musical ideology. Fulu Miziki constantly changing instruments, always in search of new sounds. Their creativity help to … Read more