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fish-free seafood Sea bass nigiri

Interview with Anne Palermo, CEO, and cofounder, Aqua Cultured Foods

The future of the fish-free seafood: Aqua Cultured Foods, Interview with Anne Palermo CEO, and cofounder Aqua Cultured Foods is a Chicago-based food-tech startup that uses microbial fermentation to make fish-free calamari that tastes, feels, and looks like its seafood counterpart. When did you start Aqua Cultured Foods? Where did the idea come from? After a career in finance, I transitioned into food tech, food science, and culinary innovation. I launched my first CPG (consumer packaged goods) food company and developed proprietary technology for a high-protein snack that used alternative proteins and grew it to a national presence. However, after … Read more

mamba up

Mamba Spicy Haitian Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It has many health benefits and is also a perfect energy boost that gives us an energy hit. This savory snack, spread on bread or crackers at any time of the day has a rich and nutty flavor. Peanut butter is a must everyday snack for Haitian people. Its name in the local creole language is mamba. Haitian peanut butter is buttery and smooth, but is also hot and spicy, due to scotch bonnet. Adding this simple ingredient makes mamba different from traditional peanut butter. It’s delicious and … Read more

tofuzola up

How to make tofuzola, tofu mix with Gorgonzola feeling

When I lived in China, I use to find chòu dòufu, know also as stinky tofu, due to its strong odor, in a lot of restaurants, or sold as a street snack or in open markets. This form of fermented tofu has a lot a wide regional and individual variations and preparation that start from light smelling up to the strong stinky one. Stinky tofu can be eaten cold, steamed, stewed, or deep-fried. Even if the smell for someone could resemble smelly feet, rotten garbage, or a stinky toilet, the flavor is very particular that can remember the aroma of … Read more

mayo up

Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise

This mayo is so easy to do, thick and creamy, eggless. Make our homemade mayo is a healthy alternative to the processed version that we can find in the store since we can be sure about the quality and freshness of the ingredients we are using. It’s light, healthy suitable for egg intolerance, and vegan. Ingredients: 1 coffee cup of soy milk 1 1/2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice 2 tsp of dijon mustard 1 coffee cup of extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp of salt 1/2 tsp of black pepper (optional) What you need to make Mayonnaise Milk Free … Read more

paprika lotus

Paprika Lotus Root Chips recipe

Lotus roots are really cool: they have a delicate and crunchy taste and they are a healthy food that look also beautiful. This roots are an excellent source of vitamins and provide healthy amounts of minerals.  The high amount of essential vitamins found in lotus roots can help us maintain healthy skin. The Lotus rhizome is a strong source of fiber that helps to reduce blood cholesterol, sugar and promote healthy body weight. Lotus roots can optimize nutrient absorption through the secretion of digestive and gastric juices and can facilitate easy and regular movements. They make us able to get … Read more

Zuppa Asparagi Spinaci

How to make Delicious Asparagus Spinach Soup

Asparagus is a rich source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and provides a huge combination of anti inflammatory nutrients. Asparagus provides a wide variety of antioxidant nutrients; for this reason, it has the ability to neutralize cell-damaging. Since asparagus delivers folate, which works with vitamin B12, it may help our brains fight cognitive decline. Asparagus contains high levels of the amino acid asparagine, which serves as a natural diuretic, that also help our body to get rid off excess of salts. Its high amount of fiber promotes regularity, maintains our digestive tract healthy, helps stabilize our digestion, and keeps food moving. … Read more

Mushrooms and Smocked Tofu Calzoncini

Mushrooms and Smocked Tofu Calzoncini

We must admit that Italian pizza is in the list of the most delicious food. Calzone, which can be his mate, is delicious too, but less considered even if it tastes just as good as pizza. Calzone is easy to eat while standing up or walking. Make pizzette (mini pizza) is very popular, but calzoncini (mini calzone) can have more vantage than make pizzette, because they can be perfect to bring out for a quick meal, snack, or picnic. Since the filling is kept inside the crunchy crust, they do not get to melt each other in the storage box … Read more

purple cabbage cake title

Purple Cabbage Cake

Purple cabbage has a high ratio of nutrients minerals and vitamins. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C that means it has a high antioxidant capacity. The strong purple color reflects its high concentration of phytonutrients. It has a huge amount of vitamin K and anthocyanin that helps our brain with mental function and concentration. Since purple cabbage is high in fiber aids in weight loss, making us feel full and taking care of our nutritional needs. The presence of potassium makes it a  great way to protect us from elevated blood pressure. Purple cabbage is a delicious vegetable that … Read more


How to make Kongnamul

Soybean sprouts give us a quick boost of essential nutrients, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. In Asia is easy to buy soybean everywhere since they are added to different kinds of dishes, used as fillings, or served as a salad. People who lived in China know that is common use in a lot of restaurants to give free appetizers to the customers. In Chinese restaurants is very common to have free tea and seeds. Korean restaurant, in Yunnan Province, South China, commonly served a free mini appetizer of Kimchi (cabbages salad), Kongnamul (soybean sprouts salad), Oi Sobagi (cucumber salad), Musaengchae (daikon … Read more

black beans sauce

Haitian Chili Black Beans Sauce “Sos Pwa Nwa”

Legumes have a health-supportive mix of proteins plus fibers that are essential in our daily dietary intake. Black beans, also known as turtle beans, are special support for digestive system health. Since they have a rich amount of iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc, black beans contribute to maintaining healthy bones. Black beans have a strong amount of phytonutrients and they are high in antioxidants, for this reason, are considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. They can be prepared with rice, pasta, or as salads, side dishes, purée, or sauce. Haitian Chili Black Beans Sauce can be … Read more