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Ataraxia Galen

Ataraxia Unveils Details of Upcoming Album “Centaurea”

Ataraxia Releases New Single “Galen” with Music Video, Announces Upcoming Album “Centaurea” Ataraxia, the Italian neoclassical darkwave veterans, have released a new music video for … Read more


Antler Family: An Album Born from Dissonance, Interview

Antler Family talks new album and influences. Antler Family, a band known for its experimental edge in music, has recently made a noteworthy return to … Read more

ANTLER FAMILY – self titled LP

Goth, Metal, Folk Fusion: Antler Family Releases First Album

Oakland quartet Antler Family releases their self-titled debut album Goth noise punk’s dissonance meets pagan metal’s epic melodies and dark folk’s introspective whispers in Antler Family’s … Read more

The Wicker Man and René Girard intro 2

Sumer Is Icumen In: The Wicker Man and René Girard

Pagan Rites and Christian Insights: The Intersecting Paths of The Wicker Man and René Girard. The nation of all the Gauls is extremely devoted to … Read more

Google Lumiere

Lumiere: Google’s Groundbreaking AI Video Model

Transforming Video Synthesis with AI Lumiere, developed by Google Research in collaboration with the Weizmann Institute and Tel-Aviv University, represents a significant advancement in the … Read more

Top Album Picks 2023V

Top Album Picks 2023: Albums That Shaped a Challenging Year

The Year’s Most Impactful Musical Selections. It’s that time of the year again: the time of sleigh bells, Christmas trees, reindeer sweaters and promises about … Read more

Kekulé's Dream

On Kekulé’s Dream

Kekulé’s Ouroboros and the Birth of the Unconscious Mind. During my stay in Ghent, Belgium, I occupied pleasant bachelor quarters in the main street. My … Read more

Neural frames 3

Neural Frames: Interview with Dr. Nicolai Klemke

Neural Frames: Enhancing Visual Content Creation for Artists. Dr. Nicolai Klemke is a physicist and AI specialist, whose academic journey began with a focus on … Read more