Art Meets Thought: Corrie Siegel’s “Aphorisms” Exhibit at ace/121 Gallery

An Intimate Look at Thought Translated into Tints and Text.

Glendale Arts introduces Corrie Siegel’s exhibit, “Aphorisms,” at the ace/121 Gallery, engaging visitors in a visual dialog of repetition and color until November 11, 2023. The exhibit presents a departure from traditional watercolor methodology, offering instead an intersection where meticulously repeated phrases and watercolor techniques converge.

Siegel, known for her use of art as a philosophical and community-building tool, engages in a unique method of creating within this exhibit. Her process involves identifying short phrases or sentences – referred to as aphorisms – and repeating them in written form until they intertwine and overlap. Siegel then employs watercolor within the negative spaces, carving out meaning amidst the textual chaos.

It’s notable that watercolor is a new medium for Siegel, yet she approaches it with a distinct perspective, acknowledging its myriad characteristics – its potential to be simultaneously chaotic and controlled, bold and subtle. As an artist, Siegel engages with these dichotomies, allowing the medium space to manifest its properties while also constraining it within her meticulous boundaries.

The artist comments on the intrinsic relationship between body and language, emphasizing the water-like properties of both the medium and human physiology, and highlighting a tension between abiding by and resisting internalized messages.

The exhibit, hosted at ace/121 Gallery in Glendale, invites the public into a visual dialogue between text and medium, providing an opportunity to witness Siegel’s visual manifestations and perhaps, reflect upon personal internal dialogues and philosophies.

An Artist Reception is scheduled for October 12, from 7:00–9:00pm, offering a close-up view of Siegel’s works and potentially engaging discussions about the artist’s methodology and philosophical underpinnings.

Siegel, with a history rich in fellowships and a significant role in co-founding and directing the experimental gallery project Actual Size: Los Angeles, brings a storied history in Los Angeles’s art scene to the exhibit. Her current role as the Executive Director of the Museum of Neon Art allows her continued engagement with the arts and community.

The ace/121 Gallery, managed by Glendale Arts, offers not only exhibits like Siegel’s but a plethora of artistic events, including performances, conversations, and workshops, providing a diverse and rich engagement with the arts.

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