David Edren’s Conceptual Environmental Suite: “Relativiteit Van de Omgeving”

The intersection of nature and ambient music: David Edren’s Relativiteit van de Omgeving

David Edren‘s latest conceptual album, Relativiteit Van de Omgeving, is a meditation on space, the environment, and the impact they have on us. The album focuses on the idea that our surroundings, both natural and cultural, shape our perceptions and actions. At its core, the album is centered around a garden, and the various elements that make it up, such as water features, garden paths, moonlight, birds, insects, and stones, among others.

The natural world has the power to cure and soothe, and the album explores this idea through its relationship with time. The plant world, for example, operates on a different concept of time compared to the dogmatic measures imposed by society. This theme was also explored in Edren’s previous album, “Music for Mimosa Pudica & Codariocalyx.”

The concept of impermanence is also a central theme of the album. The events of 2020, and the shifts they brought about in our lives, made Edren reflect on what truly matters, and inspired him to create something new and meaningful. Through his music, Edren invites listeners to consider their own perspectives, and to allow the beauty of the natural world to reshape their understanding of time and space.

The 12 tracks of Relativiteit Van de Omgeving are like a series of miniature terrariums, each offering a unique soundscape and atmosphere, from misty meadows to moonlit gardens and cosmic vistas of asteroid showers. The music is both delicate and symphonic, capturing the sweeping planetary movements of water and wind, the songs of birds and insects, and the cyclical growth and rebirth of seeds in the soil.

Edren’s approach to composing can be compared to “skating on the thin ice of ideas,” as he blends the abstract and concrete to create a sensory experience that is both imaginative and grounded in reality. This collection is a testament to his mastery of sound design and his ability to create music that is both emotional and thought-provoking. Whether you are a fan of electronic music or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, Relativiteit Van de Omgeving is a journey worth taking.

Relativiteit van de Omgeving David Edren1
Relativiteit van de Omgeving David Edren

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