Goth, Metal, Folk Fusion: Antler Family Releases First Album

Oakland quartet Antler Family releases their self-titleddebut album

Goth noise punk’s dissonance meets pagan metal’s epic melodies and dark folk’s introspective whispers in Antler Family’s self-titled debut, released today on Boner Records. 

Fronted by former opera student Mia Dean, the band features Stark Raving Brad on drums, Tom Dean on bass and keyboards, and Tom Flynn on guitar. Antler Family’s sound is a clash of dissonant guitar textures and pulsating synths, forging a distinct and captivating sonic signature. The music draws inspiration from various sources, with influences ranging from dark murder-folk to sea shanties, all infused with a distinct metal and punk energy.

ANTLER FAMILY – self-titled LP

2. Setting Eyes
3. Captive
4. Bring Me Back My Love
5. The Widow’s Call
6. I Don’t Wanna/Back Hole Love
7. King Tide
8. It Don’t Rain Anymore


Speaking about the creative process, Dean describes collaborating with Flynn as a stimulating exchange of perspectives, appreciating his ability to push boundaries and explore unexpected sonic territories. She also emphasizes the band’s tight-knit nature, highlighting their ability to seamlessly blend elements of chaos and intensity into a cohesive sound.

Tom Flynn, founder of Boner Records, acknowledges the album’s unique position within his label’s roster, highlighting the presence of “genuine vocals” – a departure from his typical projects. While acknowledging the album’s distinct character, Flynn adds that he injected his signature “guitar chaos” to maintain the band’s raw edge.

The “Antler Family” LP is available for purchase through Bandcamp and Midheaven Mailorder, with a limited edition pressed on unique antler-colored vinyl. Fans can also catch the band live on March 30th at Bender’s in San Francisco alongside Swiss outfit Torpedo. This is a great opportunity to experience the band’s unique blend of musical influences in a live setting.

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