Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia’s Visual Art and Music to Aid in Pandemic Relief

Jerry Garcia, guitarist, and cofounder of the Grateful Dead, referred to himself as “an artist who played music.” 

Today, his visual art maintains a following of its own. As part of a COVID-19 relief project, the Jerry Garcia Foundation presents the artist’s “California Mission,” a watercolor painting, available as a limited edition giclée on the Charity Buzz website.

The fine art is released in conjunction with “My Sisters and Brothers,” a compilation album of Jerry Garcia’s recordings that is available on digital music streaming platforms. A liner notes art booklet is available at the Terrapin Gallery

“Just listening to the music supports pandemic relief,” said a spokesperson for the Foundation. “It’s something simple we can do now.”

All proceeds from the “My Sisters and Brothers” art and music project will be distributed as individual grants to assist with pandemic relief from the Foundation’s OnlyLove Relief Fund. MusiCares® , WhyHunger, and the International Bluegrass Music Associations’ IBMA Trust Fund are designated grant recipients.

“California Mission” watercolor Artist: Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia attended the San Francisco Art Institute as a teenager and created over 1,000 original works throughout his prodigious music career. His visual art has toured in exhibitions worldwide since 1990. In 2014, the virtuoso’s art was included in the Art in Pop exhibition at Le Magasin, Centre National d’Art Contemporain, an art museum in Grenoble, France. Twenty-one pieces of Garcia’s art were donated to the museum.

In 2015, the Jerry Garcia Foundation established a charity arts program to support its humanitarian environmental and artistic mission.

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