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Apple-Juice-Vinegar. “One Apple a day keep the doctor away “ We can have apple benefit even if we are not able to eat one everyday.

Apple juice is rich in vitamin C and contains various mineral including boron, which may promote healthy bones.

Apple juice reduces stress, relax and can improve memory because increases acetylcholine in the brain.

Apple cider vinegar as well is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, it balances our entire inner body system, because helps our body maintaining a healthy alkaline pH level.

It has the benefit of stimulate cardiovascular circulation and helps to detox our liver. It keeps us strong for longer since it helps our muscles produce energy.

Apple cider vinegar detoxifies and purifies various organs in our body, removes toxins, prevents acid reflux, supports an healthy immune system, helps us to maintain a youthful body and skin.

So why not to mix these two precious natural fountain of healthy energy?


  • 1 Glass of apple juice
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Good Morning Sunshine, The Earth Says “Hello!


I mix them and drink.

Apple juice usually have a sugary taste so adding the apple cider vinegar the taste is a little bit acid.

Honestly, for me, it tastes better.

I drink daily a big glass (0.5 liter) in the morning on an empty stomach, before breakfast and it gives a boost to my body.

I start the day with more energy, since it makes my body release all wastes.

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