Harry Cloud’s ‘The CYST’ out now

Harry Cloud’s latest LP “The CYST” is now available on Kitten Robot Records. This new long-play album is the latest release from the producer who is also a member of Fannyland and Orphan Goggles.

Harry Cloud‘s latest release, “The CYST,” is a mesmerizing set of tracks that showcases the artist’s unique sound. The standout track, as described by Harry himself, is a slow build that reaches a powerful climax followed by a peaceful resolution. This signature sound is the result of Harry’s collaboration with acclaimed producer Paul Roessler, known for his work with Nina Hagen, TSOL, Pat the Bunny, and Josie Cotton.

Release: February, 7, 2023      
Genres: Experimental, alternative rock, sludge 
Format: LP, CD, DR
Label: Kitten Robot Records

The creative process for “The CYST” is a continuation of the process Harry and Paul have used for all their previous records. Harry enters the studio with completed songs, unfinished ideas, or sometimes with nothing at all, and the songs are shaped and organized in the studio. Once a sufficient number of songs have been recorded and a period of Harry’s life feels like it’s coming to a close, he considers it an album and moves on to the next project.

With the release of “The CYST” under Josie Cotton’s Kitten Robot Records, Harry Cloud is poised to take his experimental music to new heights. He is not limiting himself to one particular style, instead creating music that he likes and finds intriguing. Harry’s lyrics come from his subconscious and only suggest meaning, adding another layer to his already captivating sound.

The newest LP from Harry Cloud, “The CYST,” is a showcase of his experimental musical prowess, taking listeners on a journey through a psychedelic soundscape. From the first note to the last, the album is marked by unexpected musical movements and a refined production that leaves a lasting impression.

One of the standout features of “The CYST” is its eclectic musical influences. The album blends elements of slow metal, psychedelic noise, and abstract weirdo rock, to create a sound that is truly unique. This is achieved through a careful production process, in which every note and sound is expertly crafted to fit within the overall soundscape of the album.

In addition to its impressive production, “The CYST” also offers a wealth of musical cues and ideas. Whether it’s the layered vocals or the chiming guitar tones, every element of the album contributes to a mesmerizing listening experience. Harry Cloud has created a sound that is both powerful and dreamy, offering listeners a glimpse into his musical universe.

Lyrically, the album is just as experimental as the music. Harry Cloud explains that the lyrics come from his subconscious and only hint at meaning. This allows listeners to interpret the songs in their own way, making “The CYST” an album that is both personal and relatable.

“The CYST,” is a fascinating set of tracks that showcase the artist’s unique and captivating sound. The result of his collaboration with Paul Roessler, and now officially released under Josie Cotton’s Kitten Robot Records, Harry Cloud is poised to unleash a whole new era of wildly experimental music. Whether you enjoy slow metal, psychedelic noise, or abstract rock or not, Harry Cloud’s music is sure to transport you to a dream universe unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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