How to make tofuzola, tofu mix with Gorgonzola feeling

When I lived in China, I use to find chòu dòufu, know also as stinky tofu, due to its strong odor, in a lot of restaurant, or sold as street snack or in open markets.

This form of fermented tofu has a lot a wide regional and individual variations and preparation that starts from light smelling up to the strong stinky one.

Stinky tofu can be eaten cold, steamed, stewed, or deep-fried.

Even if the smell for someone could resemble like smelly feet, a rotten garbage or stinky toilet, the flavor is very particular that can remember aroma of gorgonzola or blue cheese. Outside Asia, stinky tofu can be found in Chinese food market sold in small glass jars, containing mini blocks of cubes.

Not all stinky tofu are suitable for vegetarian or vegan, according to the method of producing and preparing the brine for its fermentation, so is better to read the label.

Fermented bean curd, or preserved tofu, that is usually sold in Chinese food market close to stinky tofu, is always made with soybeans, salt, rice wine and sesame oil or vinegar so it is suitable for vegetarian and vegan.

Its smell is not like stinky tofu but its flavor also as something creamy and alike to blue cheese.


Preserved tofu, in China, is commonly used as condiment or it is served with chili flakes in small metal plates to add flavor to barbecue dishes.

Since they are both mouthfeel similar to dairy products, due to the fermentation, we can quick and easy make a tasty smooth paste to add to our recipes if we like to add a different aroma and texture to our dishes.


250g firm tofu
3 cubes of fermented tofu
1cube of stinky tofu

What you need to make Tofuzola:

Mixing bowl
Hand blender

I put in my mixing bowl all the ingredients and blend till they all mix together.

It take few minutes to get creamy tofuzola.

The taste is delicate, salty with mild sweetness and the smell is pungent.

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