Kalt Vindur Releases “Mist Over Cergova” Video from “Magna Mater”

Polish Subcarpathian black metal band Kalt Vindur has released a new video for their instrumental track “Mist Over Cergova”, featured on their latest album “Magna Mater”. The album was made available on January 26, 2024, and is currently accessible for purchase through The Circle Music.

Formed in the spring of 2015 in Dukla, Poland, Kalt Vindur has experienced several lineup changes, leading to the current ensemble of musicians: Artur (Svart) and Marcin (Ver) on guitars, Wojciech (Celsus) on vocals, Szymon (S) on bass, and Julian (Xakhariash) on drums.

The band’s musical journey began with their first album, “Delusions”, released in 2017 by Mara Productions, introducing listeners to a blend of progressive black metal infused with the history and atmosphere of the Podkarpacie region. The album’s themes revolved around personal struggle and historical events, particularly those related to World War II.

Their second album, “…And Nothing Is Endless”, was launched in 2020 by Witching Hour Productions, further establishing Kalt Vindur‘s distinctive style. It featured a more powerful and melodic approach, with compositions that deepened their exploration of Subcarpathian black metal.

“Magna Mater” represents the latest evolution in Kalt Vindur‘s sound, recorded with the addition of new drummer Rafal Chruścicki (Czarnuch). The album showcases a mature and multidimensional approach to their music, maintaining the band’s signature aggression and melody while introducing new elements to their sound.

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