Leake Street: London’s graffiti tunnel

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Leake Street, or Banksy Tunnel is a famous graffiti tunnel in Lambeth, London.

There are many locations in London where street art can be seen, and Leake Street is definitely one of the best places to go.

The tunnel is part of the Leake Street Arches and is London’s largest legal street art area.

It’s been showcasing incredible creations for years, including some original work by Banksy, and has long been somewhat of a hidden gem to explore.

The tunnel became one of the world’s most famous street art spots in May 2008, after Banksy launched the Cans Festival.

The walls are decorated with graffiti. The street is about 300 metres long, and is located under the platforms and tracks of Waterloo station.

Leake Street will be protected as the artistic centrepiece full of bars, restaurants, cafes and creative centres.

Murals here might last a day or two before to be covered by layer upon layer of colored paint.

Leake Street images

Pictures by Matteo Damiani

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