Lee Underwood Reissues 1988 Solo Album with New Single “Quietude Oasis”

“Quietude Oasis”: A New Single from Lee Underwood’s Reissued 1988 Album

Lee Underwood, known for his guitar work in Tim Buckley’s folk-rock repertoire, is set to release a reissue of his 1988 solo album, “California Sigh”. This reissue, a co-production with ambient music pioneer Steve Roach, is scheduled for release on June 28, 2024, through Drag City. Ahead of the album’s release, the second single, “Quietude Oasis”, has been made available, accompanied by a tranquil visualizer.

Underwood’s career primarily flourished in the folk-rock scene alongside Tim Buckley. Buckley, a significant figure in the 1960s and 1970s music scene, was known for his eclectic style, blending rock, jazz, funk, and soul. Lee Underwood played a crucial role in shaping Buckley’s sound, bringing his distinctive guitar playing to many of Buckley’s songs.

Following his tenure with Buckley, Underwood transitioned to a more introspective and spiritual approach to music. This change in direction is exemplified in “California Sigh”, an album that reflects Underwood’s acoustic and ambient influences. The newly released single, “Quietude Oasis”, embodies this shift, featuring Underwood’s guitar enveloped in lush reverberation, creating a serene and meditative soundscape.

California Sigh Lee Underwood
California Sigh © Lee Underwood

“California Sigh” offers a glimpse into Underwood’s psyche during the late 1980s, blending his interest in psycho-spiritual themes with a deep appreciation for nature. The album is characterized by its use of natural sounds, acoustic guitar, and contributions from other musicians such as Steve Roach on synthesizers, Chas Smith on pedal steel, and Kevin Braheny Fortune on soprano sax. This collaboration results in a rich, ambient tapestry that invites listeners into a state of contemplation.

The reissue of “California Sigh” has been meticulously remastered for both vinyl and digital platforms, ensuring that a new generation of listeners can experience Underwood’s work in its full, nuanced beauty. The album captures a unique moment in Underwood’s career, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his ability to create deeply moving, reflective music.

With the release of “Quietude Oasis”, fans old and new are given a taste of what to expect from the reissued album. The track’s soothing, earthy qualities and the immersive visualizer offer a preview of the serene experience that “California Sigh” promises to deliver upon its release later this month.

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