Lotus Root Stamp Art

Lotus root have an hidden beauty in it, this rhizome have an amazing flower patterns.

When I was cutting the lotus root and making night meal I was really fascinated by the shape and decided to keep the head and bottom part to make some stamps and try them with natural inks made with vegetables.

What do you need to make Lotus Root Stamp Art:

  • Few slices of lotus root
  • Paper
  • Paint or Ink
  • 2 paintbrushes (optional)

I cut the top off of the lotus root and the bottom and I simply push it down firmly into the ink ( I use beetroot ink and purple cabbage ink ) then minimize the amount of natural ink on the lotus rhizome before to push it onto the paper where I choose to make my experiment.

This natural stamp is a simple and easy ways to get creative and make new design, that can be just printing flowers, or wonderful different art composition.

We can make patterns or even batik stile printing.

This technique is really cool if we use natural ink from fruit, flower or veggie for make lovely prints on cards or bookmarks, because we can be sure that is no toxic.

Coloring with natural ink is very similar to water color technique.

Painting with lotus root can create beautiful art work with endless possibilities since the shapes of the rhizome are always unique.

I decided to use a couple of paintbrushes to add some simple lines and design in my little experiment.

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