Make your Green Detox Flavored Water

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Making homemade green detox water is easy and inexpensive.

Water is vital to life and drinking water solves a lot of problems.

Human are comprised of 72% water, so making sure to get our daily intake of liquid prevents dehydration that cause fatigue and can be extremely dangerous.

Our body depends on water to survive. Staying hydrated is very important to keep our body healthy.

It protects our heart, preventing heart attacks.

Gives to our brain a boost, providing much needed oxygen.

Drinking water before meals, can help us to eat less, and avoid over-eating. It helps us lose weight. Drinking water has the ability to increase our metabolic rate, thus helping our body’s ability to burn fat. If someone find the taste too bland, Detox Flavored Water can be the right solution and daily new friend. Taking advantage of the benefits of only four natural ingredients, we can make our Serum of youth. Easy to do and affordable for everyone.


  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • Some mint sprigs with fresh leaves
  • A piece of ginger root
  • 1, 1.5 or 2 liter of water (The amount of water depends of the capacity of your blender)
How to make a detox flavored water

Taking advantage of the benefits of only four natural ingredients, we can make our Serum of youth.

What you need to make Detox Flavored Water:

A blender with filter for clear juice (If the blender hasn’t a filter, is necessary a small colander to filter the pulp)
An empty bottle or jug.

Every day I make this healthy water and it works very fine for my body.

First of all I wash the ingredients with cold water and then I start cutting cucumber, mint sprigs and ginger root, then I put everything in the blender’s filter.

Next I cut the lemon in two parts, careful remove all the seeds and the skin ( I don’t throw away the seeds and skin, but I keep them for different Eco-friendly use) and then put the two halves of the lemon with the other ingredients, I add the water and keep blending until the water becomes green.

After filling the bottle, I help myself with a spoon to recover from the filter the more water possible and have all the pulp without liquid (Usually I put the pulp in a small bowl. The pulp is a perfect ingredient for a lot of different recipes).

Usually I prepare the flavored water after dinner and I put the bottle in the fridge, so the day after I get it ready and fresh to drink.

I have 1.5 liter daily and since the first day I felt hydrated and strong. Detox Green Water is a fountain of youth, that improves digestion, help to have a flat tummy, make skin healthy, diminishing the appearance of cellulite and help feel younger.

Avoiding dehydration makes we don’t damage our skin by drying it out, we can’t make wrinkles disappear but drinking more we reduce them because is like moisturizing the skin from the inside.


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