‘My Father Loved Me’ — Kilgour’s Emotional Testament to Paternal Love

Rachael Kilgour, known for her heartfelt lyrics and emotive performances, has recently released an album titled “My Father Loved Me”. The album, which came out on September 22, was crafted during a pivotal period in Kilgour’s life marked by her father’s dementia diagnosis, his passing, and the immediate aftermath.

Rather than taking a mournful or despairing tone, Kilgour’s album adopts a perspective of reverence and reassurance. “My Father Loved Me” strives to affirm that the ordinary life her father led was indeed meaningful, that his imperfections were part of his humanity, and that his love persists beyond his physical presence.

The album was recorded in Canada, the homeland of Kilgour’s father, and produced by JUNO Award winner Rose Cousins. It serves as a poignant tribute to the enduring power of love, wrapped up in an introspective musical experience.

Listeners can find the album on platforms like SoundCloud, where it’s available for streaming. The depth of Kilgour’s personal experience may offer listeners a unique, contemplative journey through love, loss, and remembrance.

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