New Single “Love Changes Everything II” Released by Dirty Three

Dirty Three have announced the release of their new album, Love Changes Everything, set to come out on June 28 via Drag City. This marks their first album in over a decade. The band, consisting of Mick Turner, Warren Ellis, and Jim White, has also released the second single from the album, titled “Love Changes Everything II”.

The single “Love Changes Everything II” is characterized by a reflective and contemplative tone. Warren Ellis plays the keyboards, Jim White on the drums, and Mick Turner on guitar. The track features an interplay between the instruments, creating a blend of piano, synth, and percussive elements.

Love Changes Everything was recorded in Melbourne, where the band originally formed in 1992. The album incorporates a mix of traditional instruments and newer elements like pianos, synthesizers, and loops, showcasing the band’s continued evolution in sound.

Dirty Three is an Australian instrumental rock band known for their intense and emotive performances. Formed in 1992, they quickly gained a reputation for their unique sound, which blends elements of rock, folk, and experimental music. The trio’s lineup has remained consistent, with Mick Turner on guitar, Warren Ellis on violin and various other instruments, and Jim White on drums. Over the years, they have released several critically acclaimed albums and have influenced a wide range of artists with their innovative approach to instrumental music.

Love Changes Everything will be available on June 28, 2024.

Dirty Three
Dirty Three

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