OSEES release “CASSIUS, BRUTUS & JUDAS” and announce their new album “ORCS 80”

OSEES Announce New Album “ORCS 80”

The ever-evolving band OSEES (also known as Thee Oh Sees), led by John Dwyer, has revealed plans for their upcoming album, “ORCS 80,” set for release on August 9 through Castle Face Records. Dwyer shared that the album emerged as an ambitious project intended to stimulate creativity. With recent years presenting significant challenges, he felt it was an opportune moment for a shift. Reflecting on their previous albums, which heavily featured guitars and keyboards, Dwyer sought to impose a unique set of creative constraints for this project. He began by recording initial demos at home on a cassette 4-track, using drum loops to develop a collection of songs.

To innovate their sound, Dwyer and bandmate Tom selected specific synth sounds and mapped them across three octaves on Roland SPD-SX samplers, which they played using drumsticks. This approach led to a stage setup where four band members would play percussion, abandoning traditional guitars and keyboards.

During the recording process, Dwyer noticed that the synthesized sounds, when combined, resembled brass instruments. This realization led to the inclusion of a saxophone section, featuring Cansfis Foote and Brad Caulkins on tenor and baritone saxophones, adding a layer of brass-like tones to the music.

The album’s first single, “CASSIUS, BRUTUS & JUDAS,” explores themes of betrayal driven by fear, greed, and cowardice. Dwyer pointed out that these notorious betrayers are examined through a punk perspective, reflecting on the perplexing nature of maintaining relationships with such individuals.

Describing the album’s overall sound, Dwyer likened it to a blend of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Von LMO, The Flesh Eaters, and The Screamers — a mix of catchy, heavy, and sometimes sci-fi-inspired punk. The recording was done on an 8-track 1/4” tape at Stu-Stu-Studio, aiming for a raw and unpolished feel.

Dwyer expressed that the lyrics are inspired by everyday conversations and reflections on contemporary life, capturing a range of experiences from humorous to contemplative. He emphasized the importance of resilience and self-care, acknowledging both the positive and challenging aspects of life.

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