OTTAVA f SC-C70MK2, the new All-in-One Music System from Technics

Technics today unveiled its new Premium Class OTTAVA™ f SC-C70MK2.

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Technics created this model by further refining the sound quality, function and design of the preceding SC-C70 model, a compact all-in-one system highly acclaimed in the market for casual enjoyment of high-quality music.

The SC-C70MK2 is equipped with exclusively developed 8-cm woofer unit and 2-cm dome tweeter unit. The new tweeter is combined with an acoustic lens whose shape is optimized to deliver more expansive sound. Just like its predecessor, the SC-C70MK2 features a 2.1ch speaker system that includes a 12-cm subwoofer. The speaker system is powerfully driven by three units of Technics’ original digital amp, JENO Engine, to reproduce full-bodied sound unimaginable from such a compact unit.

The SC-C70MK2 is also equipped with Space Tune, a function that adjusts sound quality to best suit the installation location condition. In addition, the product has a built-in mic, so Space Tune Auto which achieves optimally balanced sound all automatically can be used. The SC-C70MK2 supports a wide range of music sources including CD and radio as well as streaming services such as Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2 and Deezer.

This all-in-one music system is also an attractive and pleasing audio system to look at. It sports an aluminum top panel, louvred front grille and unique manual CD tray. The high-quality design typifies Technics’ identity. In addition to the silver model, a full-black SC-C70MK2 is also available.

Boasting pure and high-quality sound, superb function and attractive design to match any interiors, the SC-C70MK2 all-in-one music system will satisfy customers who do not want to make any compromise in enjoying music.

Remastered Sound Quality.
Expansive and Rich Soundscape.

Newly Developed Speaker Units & Acoustic Lens
The 8-cm woofer unit offers significantly better basic characteristics as a result of various improvements made, such as the reduced weight of the voice coil, enhanced airflow and increased rigidity of the diaphragm. The woofer provides superb response and sound clarity to reproduce mid- and high-frequency sound comfortable to the ear. The high-res-ready 2-cm dome tweeter unit features a lighter silk diaphragm to provide beautiful lingering sound. What’s more, the acoustic lens is optimized for the new tweeter shape and enhances the expansiveness of reproduced sound.

3 JENO Engines
In order to faithfully reproduce the information of rich sounds with the 2.1ch configuration, three “JENO Engine” full digital amplifier units have been equipped. In addition to utilizing the excellent processing capacity of the three units and faithfully driving the left and right channels and subwoofer, “Space Tune”, which optimizes the sound quality depending on the installation status, has been realized.

The speaker impedance changes with each frequency and affects the power amplifier. The technology that improves this effect is the “LAPC” speaker impedance adaptive algorithm that is also utilized with the reference class amplifiers. The frequency characteristics of the amplifier amplitude and phase are planarized while the three amplifier circuits are connected to each of the subwoofer, tweeter and woofer speakers to realize the ideal impulse response.

Twin Power Supply Circuit System
Regular power supplies use one transformer to supply power to the amp, and digital circuits, and so if there is any load fluctuation or if noise occurs on a circuit, other circuits are affected, which results in degradation of the sound quality. This power supply system includes independently installed switch mode power supply circuitry for the amp and the other circuits, which eliminates mutual interference, thereby reducing degradation of sound quality caused by noise or power supply fluctuations. In addition, a layout with dedicated transformer and amp circuits enables the shortest possible connection to further reduce noise.

The high-precision signal processing circuitry of the JENO Engine is utilized to expand the frequency band of Bluetooth and Internet radio sources, in which high-frequency signals are commonly lost due to signal compression, to a range equivalent to that of a CD source. This eliminates the lack of expansiveness in high-frequency sound and the loss of sound details for enhanced sound quality.

Realizes an Optimal Sound Space According to the Environment of the Room and Installation Location

Space Tune™
The SC-C70MK2 features Space Tune™ Auto to achieve optimally balanced sound easily with the press of a button. This function measures test tones played through a mic that is built into the SC-C70MK2 to analyze the distance to walls and the effect of reflections. It then automatically optimizes the sound field. In addition, the Space Tune™ function includes 3 presets (Free, Near the Wall, and Near the Corner) for easy setting, and also offer the use of the Technics Audio Center app to precisely adjust the sound quality to the listening position.

Comfortable Enjoyment of a Greater Range of Music Content and a Diversity of Connectivity

Chromecast built-in
The Chromecast built-in function supports a wide variety of music streaming services for easy casting from a smartphone app. And since the data is streamed directly to the main unit, there is no degradation in sound quality, and the user can select from a diverse range of music.

Works with Google Assistant
If a Google Assistant built-in device is included in the same network, Google Assistant can be used to operate OTTAVA™ f SC-C70MK2 music playback and other functions. When the user doesn’t have a smartphone app in hand, or when hands are full, music can be easily played by voice command.

With a number of Chromecast built-in speakers, the variety of music streaming services can be played in several rooms, or different music can be played from room to room*.

In addition, if you use Technics Audio Center app and have another app compatible Technics devices, you can also enjoy other music source in multi-room such as Bluetooth, AUX, Optical input, USB, Internet radio and also OTTAVA™ f SC-C70MK2 compatible streaming music.

*  The Google Home App is required.

Complete Compatibility
In addition to CDs and radio, this model is newly compatible with Chromecast built-in, and supports a wide range of music streaming services. Furthermore, it is also compatible with Spotify Connect, Deezer and Internet radio. It is also compatible AirPlay 2, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, network playback, USB memory playback and analogue/optical input to allow you to enjoy various sound sources with one unit. The UI of our iOS/Android smartphone app, “Technics Audio Center App” has also been redesigned, making it easier to use than ever before.

Favorite Function
Up to 9 presets can be set on the main unit, such as favorite internet radio stations, and USB songs. This makes it possible to listen to your favorite music without even starting up an app.

An Elegant and Timeless Design

Following the elegant design of the previous SC-C70, the new SC-C70MK2 combines high sound quality and a sophisticated design. The SC-C70MK2 features a dark silver color to create an even more refined design. Furthermore, an all-black variation has been added. The more you use it, the more your enjoyment of experiencing music will deepen.

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