Purling Hiss Unveils a New Power-Pop Single

Purling Hiss Unveils a Sparkling Power-Pop Masterpiece!

The upcoming release of “Drag On Girard” on March 24th highlights the versatility of Mike Polizze’s music as the lead singer and guitarist of Purling Hiss. Each album from the band showcases a unique personality, and “Drag On Girard” is no exception. The collision of time and emotions has inspired both the lyrics and the music, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of moody guitars that is sure to captivate the listener.

The second single from the album, “Baby”, showcases Purling Hiss’ mix of excitement and fear as they explore the infinite possibilities of life. The explosive chords and buried vocals transmit the energy and emotion of the message, while the melody is catchy, fuzzed, and delightfully melodic.

Listen to “Baby” and immerse yourself in its electrifying and darkly optimistic sound, complete with a music video that captures the breezy vibe of the song. Experience the thrill of Purling Hiss’ latest release and let “Baby” take you on a sonic journey filled with hope and dreams.

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