Pyhäsalmi Mine Adopts Gravity Battery, a Step Towards Cleaner Energy

Pyhäjärvi, a small town located 450 kilometers north of Helsinki, Finland, is witnessing a groundbreaking transformation. The town’s decommissioned Pyhäsalmi mine, known for its rich zinc and copper deposits and one of Europe’s deepest at over 1,400 meters, is being repurposed into a pioneering gravity battery by Gravitricity, a Scottish energy storage firm. This innovative project symbolizes a major step in renewable energy storage and community regeneration.

The Mechanism of Gravity Battery

The gravity battery designed by Gravitricity operates on a simple yet effective principle. It involves raising and lowering large weights in the mine’s 530-meter auxiliary shaft to store and generate electricity. When excess energy is available, for instance, from wind turbines on a windy day, the weights are winched up the shaft. To generate power, these weights are released, turning winches into generators that can produce either a rapid burst of electricity or a steady flow, depending on the demand. This system is set to store up to 2MW of power, efficiently integrating into the local energy grid.

Gravitricity’s approach combines the best aspects of lithium-ion batteries and pumped hydro storage, offering a reliable and long-term energy storage solution. A study by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) underscores the potential of such gravity batteries, revealing that decommissioned mines worldwide could store up to 70 TWh of power, equating to the global daily electricity consumption. This discovery points to a significant untapped resource, crucial for energy stability as the shift to renewable sources accelerates.

Community and Economic Revitalization

The gravity battery project is more than just an energy solution; it’s a catalyst for community rejuvenation. The local community in Pyhäjärvi, significantly impacted by the mine’s closure in August 2022, has established a development company to spearhead regeneration efforts at the old mine site. This project, set to become Europe’s first full-scale Gravistore deployment, is anticipated to demonstrate the viability of long-life energy storage solutions. Gravitricity’s executive chairman, Martin Wright, emphasizes that this project will not only showcase the technology at scale but also pave the way for further commercial projects and integration into mine decommissioning activities.

The Pyhäsalmi mine, operational since 1962 and responsible for extracting over 60 million tonnes of ore, was once a major employment source in the region. The end of mining operations left many jobless, but the gravity battery initiative promises to bring “low carbon jobs” to the area, contributing to the local economy’s revival. This project is part of a broader scheme to reinvigorate the area, including the development of a solar farm, tech startups, and an underground 5G network.


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