Robot God’s Psychedelic Space Rock, Interview

Sydney’s Robot God Talks Psychedelic Space Rock and Sci-Fi Inspirations

Robot God is a psych space stoner rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their music combines space rock, traditional stoner rock, and psychedelia, drawing influences from late 60s and 70s icons like Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles. The band features Matt Allen (Bass, Vocals, Synth), Raff Iacurto (Guitar, Vocals, Synth), and Tim Pritchard (Drums, Synth). Formed from casual jam sessions between Matt and Tim, the addition of Raff completed the lineup. The band’s name reflects their interest in science fiction and AI.

What early influences inspired you to create music in the psych space stoner rock genre?

I guess you could say we have ultimately been inspired by the music of our parents era i.e late 60’s & 70s. Bands such as Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and the Beatles. These bands are definitely responsible for us learning our instruments from a young age. Between the three of us our musical taste is very broad but I can confidently say that these bands is, where it begins for us.

Can you describe the moment you decided to form Robot God?

After having a year off music i decided to contact our drummer and long time friend of mine Tim Pritchards to organise a jam.  We had several enjoyable jams just drums and bass and realised after a few months we were coming up with some good stuff. At this point we decided to introduce a guitar player and things naturally progressed from there.  After a year with our first guitar player we decided that we were going in different directions and so we parted ways. Thankfully we were able to recruit Raff Iacurto. Raff had a rich history of playing in some killer  bands and a reputation of being a really solid and awesome lead player. After one Jam with Raff we knew this was a perfect fit  and we have never looked back. 

What were the first challenges you faced as a new band in the Sydney music scene? How would you describe the atmosphere of the early psych stoner rock scene in Australia?

As for any band in Sydney the biggest challenge is booking shows to get the ball rolling. With the limited amount, of venues in the city it can be difficult to gain momentum. Generally i, feel like there are lots of really talented bands around, however the stoner and psych scene is still very underground so you have to be prepared to play to small crowds and be grateful that you can play show’s at all.

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What was the inspiration behind your band’s name, Robot God?

Inspiration for our name comes from the love of science fiction art, film and music.  With the current emergence of A.I. into our everyday life we have often spoken about the positive and negative effects that it will have on humanity in the long term. With self learning algorithms that are able to predict and suggest your movements we joke that the computer has become conscious and thus the name Robot God was born. I will also say that by adopting the name Robot God we are definitely not supporters and advocates for the technology, it’s more that we acknowledge the possibilities and we are completely aware of what is currently happening. 

What themes or ideas influenced the creation of Valleys of Primordia?

The theme behind Valleys Of Primordia is directly related to the cultivation of magic mushrooms.

Robot God interview
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Portal Within features intricate psychedelic textures. What new elements did you introduce on this album? What’s your favorite equipment to capture the spacey, otherworldly sounds on Portal Within?

Portal Within is really just an extension and evolution of what we have always done.  

It’s our 4th release at this point so I feel like the elements we have always used are just more refined and polished. As you can hear, Portal Within features lots of tasty vintage synthesizers and classic delay and reverb machines. Once again, it’s something we have always used from the beginning so I guess it’s the placement and arrangements of these things on this record that stands out.

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What are some of your favorite pieces of equipment when creating your sound?

Essentially Robot God is about classic vintage sounds. That means vintage Marshall Amps, Gibson and Fender Guitars and vintage TAMA drums. It’s our own take on the music we love and have been listening to since the beginning of our musical journey as kids.

What are some of the future projects Robot God is working on?

We are currently in the process of writing our 6th record, we have the foundations for 6 new pieces of music at the moment and will continue to write into the future. There are no deadlines for these releases so we are able to jam and write organically without any pressure.

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