SIMM to Release ‘Too Late To Dream’ on Nov 26

Simm: Too Late To Dream, Release: 26 Nov 2021

For Eraldo Bernocchi, Simm is his most personal project.

With albums only occurring every decade on no set schedule, this versatile musician saves the stories of his own victories, failures, and close encounters for the stylish and bass line-driven beats of Simm. The London-based Italian has produced music in collaboration with Harold Budd, Bill Laswell, Mick Harris, Robin Guthrie, and many others. For Too Late To Dream, Bernocchi has reached out in an entirely different direction and recruited vocalists Phelimuncasi, from the African label Nyege Nyege Tapes, and London MC Flowdan to add a new dimension to the storytelling of Simm.

Simm is just a spectator, a witness of disasters. We’re done, end of the story. We fucked up big time. The planet is dying, we condemned ourselves to a slow and painful death. We live in a society where the screens replaced our brain and disinformation rules. It’s a dystopic reality that Ballard and Cronenberg perfectly described years ago. They forecasted the future; they wrote our epitaph and we thought we were reading a novel or watching a movie. Too late, too late to dream. It’s over.


Eraldo Bernocchi Simm
Eraldo Bernocchi Simm

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