Simon Reynolds Returns with ‘Futuromania’: How Sci-Fi Shaped Electronic Music (and Vice Versa)

Futuromania’ by Simon Reynolds: A Comprehensive Guide to Electronic Music’s Future

Simon Reynolds’s latest publication, Futuromania: Electronic Dreams, Desiring Machines & Tomorrow’s Music Today, marks his return to the literary scene after an eight-year hiatus. This book offers an insightful look at innovative music that hints at the future directions of pop music, covering genres at the forefront of musical innovation and the artists whose work will likely become mainstream.

Futuromania presents a collection of over two dozen essays and interviews arranged to form a historical narrative of electronic music from the 1970s to the present. The book examines the relationship between pop music and the dualistic nature of science fiction—its utopian aspirations and dystopian warnings. It highlights not only the technological advancements in electronic and digital music production but also the creative misuse of such technologies by artists across different eras.

The book also provides a detailed overview of the various music scenes and subcultures that have emerged at the intersection of humanity and technology, describing this meeting point as intense, provocative, and highly contested. Futuromania acts as an engaging guide to a broad spectrum of electronic music, offering readers a comprehensive introduction to a genre that spans decades of sound innovation.

UK edition – published April 11 on White Rabbit Books
US edition – published May 9 on Hachette
Spanish edition – end of 2024 / Caja Negra

Simon Reynolds is a British music journalist and author, born in 1963. He began his career in music journalism during the 1980s, writing for Melody Maker. Reynolds is known for his focus on the history and analysis of rock music, post-punk, electronic music, and hip-hop. His work frequently discusses the relationship between music, technology, and culture. Reynolds has authored several influential books, including Rip It Up and Start Again, which details the post-punk era from 1978 to 1984, and Retromania, which examines pop culture’s fascination with its own past.

Simon Reynolds Returns Futuromania 2

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