SWARM 2 Launches on Meta Quest: Greensky Games Unveils Next-Gen VR Shooter

New Challenges Await in SWARM 2, Now Available for Pre-Order.

Greensky Games has announced the launch of their new Virtual Reality (VR) game, SWARM 2, the highly anticipated sequel to their 2021 hit, Swarm. This new title, set to release on March 7, 2024, is currently available for pre-order on the Meta Quest platform.

SWARM 2 continues the legacy of its predecessor, recognized as the number one rated VR action game. It enhances the gaming experience with an electrifying rogue-like shooter format, boasting new environments, a captivating rogue-like progression system, and globally competitive leaderboards. The game is designed to give players an immersive experience, akin to feeling like “Spider-Man with guns.”

In SWARM 2, players will step into the shoes of Marv, the last surviving grapple commando, who battles against the Swarm to save Earth. The gameplay involves using a pistol and grappling hook, enhancing the player’s journey with style and action. The new rogue-like progression system allows for permanent skill upgrades and the selection of dozens of perks, offering a unique and personalized gaming experience.

The game’s environments are set in the neon-lit ruins of Earth, now transformed into a dynamic and ever-changing battleground. With the introduction of the newly refined Smooth Grappling System, players can expect fluid and intuitive movement, allowing for greater control and precision. This system makes navigating through larger, immersive levels and dodging enemy fire an exhilarating experience.

SWARM 2 is priced at $24.99 USD. However, for those who pre-order the game on Quest 3, there is a special offer. The game is available at a discounted price of $21.99, which is a 12% discount off the regular price. Additionally, pre-orders will include a Legendary ‘Crimson Strike’ skin for Marv’s revolver, adding an exclusive element to the gaming experience.

For more information about SWARM 2, interested parties can visit its official website at swarm2vr.com. To pre-order the game, one can visit the Meta pre-order page at Meta Experiences. Additionally, fans and gamers can join the Greensky Games community on Discord at discord.gg/greensky.

Developed and published by Greensky Games, SWARM 2 is all set to offer a unique and thrilling experience in the realm of VR gaming, combining innovative gameplay mechanics with intense action and a compelling storyline.

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