Alasdair Roberts Grief In The Kitchen and Mirth In The Hall

Alasdair Roberts’s new album drops on March 31st

Returning to Traditional Roots with ‘Grief In The Kitchen and Mirth In The Hall’ Alasdair Roberts’ albums are known for their unique blend of “pop” and “folk” music, featuring both original compositions and traditional songs from Scotland and beyond. His upcoming fifth album, “Grief In The Kitchen and Mirth In The Hall,” showcases his return to his roots in traditional music. One of the album’s standout tracks is “The Lichtbob’s Lassie,” a classic Scottish song made famous by Ella Ward. In this rendition, Alasdair demonstrates his versatility by playing the keyboard instead of his usual guitar, creating a solid foundation … Read more

Purling Hiss Baby

Purling Hiss Unveils a New Power-Pop Single

Purling Hiss Unveils a Sparkling Power-Pop Masterpiece! The upcoming release of “Drag On Girard” on March 24th highlights the versatility of Mike Polizze’s music as the lead singer and guitarist of Purling Hiss. Each album from the band showcases a unique personality, and “Drag On Girard” is no exception. The collision of time and emotions has inspired both the lyrics and the music, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of moody guitars that is sure to captivate the listener. The second single from the album, “Baby”, showcases Purling Hiss’ mix of excitement and fear as they explore the infinite possibilities of … Read more