001Al Acecho Furtive

Furtive (Al Acecho) directed by Francisco D’Eufemia, Review

The film is an environmental thriller with a detective, action, and criminal aspect. Characters experience an inner tragedy given by important complex moral motivations.  Furtive (Al Acecho) directed by Francisco D’Eufemia – Argentina – 2019 Pablo Silva (Rodrigo de la Serna) a ranger on trial, tries to rebuild and recover his life, after finding himself embroiled in unlawful events. He is moved to a new area, the Pereyra Iraola Park Biosphere Reserve, a protected place where not many want to move. Initially, everything seems normal and calm, he knows his colleagues, Camila Marquez (Belén Blanco) and Venandi (Walter Jakob), weaves … Read more

chronology intro 2

Review of Chronology (Kronoloji, 2019) directed by Ali Aydın

Director Ali Aydin‘s second feature is a psychological and dramatic thriller that uses an unconventional narrative structure to shed light on invisible stories. Hakan (Birkan Sokullu) is an architect living in Istanbul, happily married to Nihal (Cemre Ebuzziya). The wealthy young couple wishes to have kids, but after a year of attempting artificial fertilization, Nihal informs her husband that their worst fears have been confirmed and that she cannot become pregnant. The same day Hakan, while with his friends, gets the impression of seeing Nihal. He starts following her, and from afar saw his wife with Cengiz (Tansu Bicer), a … Read more