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Sci-fi Parody “UNBELIEVABLE” Set for Saturday, August 1 Online Premiere and Virtual Convention

At long last! Years in the making!! Perfect for filling the Star Trek void after the SDCC at-home event!!! And a smokin’ good time for the millions of Snoop Dogg fans out there… UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! – which stars superstar Snoop Dogg and a puppet named Kirk Stillwood, and which features 40-plus figures from across the Star Trek franchise — is ready for the world to see. The sci-fi parody film from the husband and wife team of director Steven Fawcette and producer/co-star Angelique Fawcette will have its online premiere on August 1 — and that premiere will be part of a day-long celebration and Virtual Convention featuring many of the Star Trek figures involved … Read more