Ranxerox review

Ranxerox by Tamburini, Liberatore, Chabat, review

Ranxerox is a satire of contemporary society highlighting the violent and sadistic elements inherent in it. Ranx is a cyberpunk comic by Stefano Tamburini, Tanino Liberatore, Andrea Pazienza, and Alain Chabat. The series has been well received internationally by critics and readers, and it has been translated and published in various countries including France, Spain, the United States, and Japan. The work is a powerhouse of violence, drugs, obscenity, graphic erotica, amorality, and provocations of all kinds and is recommended for an adult audience used to graphic erotica. Related article: Pompeo by Andrea Pazienza, review The character was conceived by … Read more

The Last Days of Pompeo Andrea Pazienza

Review: Pompeo by Andrea Pazienza

A desperate journey into tormented Pompeo’s soul, Andrea Pazienza’s alter ego Andrea Pazienza (San Benedetto del Tronto, 23 May 1956 – Montepulciano, 16 June 1988) was an Italian cartoonist, draftsman, illustrator and painter. Pazienza is considered one of the most representative and innovative Italian comic artists. Pazienza was born in San Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno) on May 23, 1956. At twelve, Pazienza moved to study in Pescara, where he enrolled in the “Giuseppe Misticoni” Art School and formed a genuine friendship with the comic author Tanino Liberatore. In these years, he created his first comics, partly still unpublished, and made … Read more