The Cramps – Live at Napa State Mental Hospital

In June of 1978, The Cramps played to a room full of enthusiastic patients at the Napa State Mental Institute and instantly established a benchmark in public rock.

Director: Joe Rees
Stars: The Cramps, Bryan Gregory, Lux Interior

“The following video tape was a free concert given for the patients at the California State Mental Hospital in Napa, CA on June 13, 1978 by The Cramps who were on tour from New York, and The Mutants from San Francisco.

The show is intended as strictly a documentary.

The videotape was recorded on a 1/2″ Sony Port-a-pak, b/w camera, and single microphone.

The equipment was the first of its kind made available for public use.”

The Cramps - Live at Napa State Mental Hospital

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