The Ethereal Soundscape of Adam Wiltzie: “Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentothal”

A Journey into the Narcotic Depths of “Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentothal”

Adam Wiltzie, co-founder of Stars Of The Lid, has released a new album titled “Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentothal.” Moving from Brussels to the Flemish countryside inspired Wiltzie to create this album, which was initially motivated by a peculiar dream suggesting that his music could be fatal to listeners. This theme of a dream-induced death weaves through the album, capturing a balance between attraction and decay.”Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentothal” navigates through complex emotional terrains, presenting a sonic journey that explores themes of beauty, oblivion, and the desire for escape.

The album’s title references sodium pentothal, a barbiturate, which Wiltzie describes as a form of escape from life’s emotional challenges. Recorded in Wiltzie’s home studio, with additional strings from Budapest’s Magyar Radio, the album achieves a blend of personal depth and expansive soundscapes. Robert Hampson, associated with the English drone rock band Loop, mixed the album, adding a cinematic quality that enhances its dream-like, introspective feel.

Adam Wiltzie
Adam Wiltzie

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