Trail of Tears Makes a Return with “Winds of Disdain”

Norwegian Gothic Metal Band Trail of Tears Unleashes New Single After Decade.

After a period of silence lasting over a decade, the Norwegian gothic metal band Trail of Tears marks its return to the music scene with a new single, “Winds of Disdain”. This track is the first glimpse of their forthcoming EP, also named “Winds of Disdain”, which is scheduled for release on May 24, 2024, through The Circle Music. Fans can access the single on digital platforms via The Circle Music.

The single encapsulates a fusion of emotions, channeling the collective angst and pessimism that have overshadowed recent years, including the pandemic’s dark shadow over global society. Trail of Tears incorporates their known dark gothic metal aesthetics into this piece, delivering a sound that is both familiar and freshly invigorating.

Ailyn Giménez García, known for her work with symphonic metal group Sirenia, contributes her compelling vocals to the track, adding a new dimension to the band’s sound. She joins forces with founding member Ronny Thorsen, whose growls add a gritty texture to the music. The lineup is rounded out by Runar Hansen and Nicolay Jørni Johnsen on guitars and programming, with Endre Moe on bass, together creating a solid musical foundation.

“Winds of Disdain” not only marks Trail of Tears’ return but also heralds a new era for the band under a comprehensive deal with The Circle Music. This agreement includes the release of the upcoming EP, a full-length album, and vinyl reissues of their seven previous albums, beginning with their 1998 debut, “Disclosure in Red”.

Ronny Thorsen expressed enthusiasm about sharing new material since the announcement of the band’s reunion in 2020. He looks forward to reconnecting with fans through their latest single and upcoming live performances.

Trail of Tears, formed in 1997, quickly earned a reputation for their distinctive blend of dark melodies, robust vocals, and intense guitar work with their debut album “Disclosure in Red”. Their extensive touring, including performances with bands like Tristania and Cradle of Filth, and a series of successful album releases cemented their status in the gothic metal genre. Despite lineup changes, with Thorsen as a constant, the band went on hiatus in 2013. The reunion in 2020, spearheaded by Thorsen and featuring a mix of original and new members, including Ailyn Giménez García, signifies a reinvigorated Trail of Tears ready to captivate old and new fans alike.

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