Trivax Releases New Music Video “Against All Opposition” in Support of Iranian Freedom Movement

Trivax has released a new music video titled “Against All Opposition (By Aeshma’s Wrath)”. This release is part of their latest album “Eloah Burns Out” and aligns with their support for the Iranian freedom movement, particularly highlighting the ongoing protests in Iran.

The video is a tribute to Mahsa Armini and the courage of the Persian people. Armini passed away under controversial circumstances in a Tehran hospital following her arrest by Iran’s religious morality police, allegedly for improper hijab use. Her death on 16 September 2022 has sparked widespread international protests that continue to resonate deeply within and outside of Iran.

The video for “Against All Opposition” is available to watch via YouTube at this link.

The music video combines live performance footage with archival content, showcasing significant historical events such as the Iranian Revolution of 1978, the Iran-Iraq War, and the 1999 student protests. It also includes scenes from recent demonstrations in Iran, portraying the severe actions of the Islamic regime and the resilience of the Iranian populace striving for freedom.

It’s important that we acknowledge that this is war – and it will not end until there is peace… and by peace, we truly mean freedom.

“Eloah Burns Out” was released on 29 September 2023 by the UK-based publishing house and record label Cult Never Dies. The album, exploring themes of Death, is available in various formats including CD, 12” LP, and digital download, purchasable through the label’s webstore for both UK/Rest of World and EU customers.

Trivax originated in the late 2000s in Iran, a challenging environment for metal music due to strict regulations that have historically led to severe penalties for musicians. The band’s founder, Shayan (guitarist and vocalist), relocated to the UK, where he was joined by Sully (bassist) from Syria, and M. Croton (drummer), a British native, completing the group’s lineup.

The band also announced tour dates in the UK, beginning on 27 April and concluding on 2 May 2023. The tour includes performances in cities such as Newcastle, Manchester, London, Bristol (where tickets are already sold out), and Birmingham.

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