Sci-fi Parody “UNBELIEVABLE” Set for Saturday, August 1 Online Premiere and Virtual Convention

At long last! Years in the making!! Perfect for filling the Star Trek void after the SDCC at-home event!!! And a smokin’ good time for the millions of Snoop Dogg fans out there… UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! – which stars superstar Snoop Dogg and a puppet named Kirk Stillwood, and which features 40-plus figures from across the Star Trek franchise — is ready for the world to see.

The sci-fi parody film from the husband and wife team of director Steven Fawcette and producer/co-star Angelique Fawcette will have its online premiere on August 1 — and that premiere will be part of a day-long celebration and Virtual Convention featuring many of the Star Trek figures involved in the film, including Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang, Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo, Anthony Montgomery, John Billingsley and The Original Series composer, Gerald Fried, as well as movie veteran Robert Davi and Angelique Fawcette, the film’s producer and co-star.

Producer Angelique Fawcette announced the new details today for the Virtual Online “Stay At Home” Red Carpet Premiere screening and LIVE Virtual Convention of the sci-fi parody adventure UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! 

The film features Snoop Dogg, Robert Davi, Michael Madsen, Gilbert Gottfried, Katarina Van Derham, McKenzie Westmore and over 40 former “Star Trek” stars, such as Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang, Nichelle Nichols, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo and Nana Visitor .   The online premiere screening of the film and the live Virtual Convention will be a worldwide event on Saturday, August 1, 2020 starting at 12:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). 

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Movie poster
UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Movie poster

This event is presented by and with the domestic distributor and foreign sales agent of the UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!,Indie Rights , and Archangel Films LA , the production company of husband and wife filmmaking team producer Angelique Fawcette and writer/director Steven L. Fawcette . The Premium TVoD and On Demand release date of UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!will be announced during the live event by the Fawcettes, who also executive produced UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Event Page for DETAILS about the day’s schedule and the different ticket options:

“Due to Covid-19 and restrictions on large groups we are unable to have a live in-person red carpet premiere for the release of Unbelievable!!!!! . So, we want to kick off the film’s upcoming release in a special way, for our wonderful cast and especially for their fans. We are happy to announce the details for our “Stay-At-Home” Live Virtual Red-Carpet Pre-Show and film premiere, along with the virtual convention to kick off the upcoming release of Unbelievable!!!!!,” said Angelique Fawcette, producer, and CEO Archangel Films LA.
“The tech company handling the Unbelievable!!!!! Film Premiere Screening and Virtual Convention is Addison Interactive, which brought on YoTribe, a company that has developed revolutionary new software that allows hundreds of people to interact with each other in real time. This alliance will greatly reduce our costs to produce this event and, as such, we are passing those savings on to our attendees. The pricing for the event is now available at our ticketing site,” said Steven L. Fawcette. 

This is an exciting addition to our Event which will enhance attendee interaction and allow us all the chance to use some cutting-edge technology. We are looking forward to seeing many of our cast members and all the fans on Saturday, August 1 st ,” he added.


SEE THE FILM BEFORE IT IS RELEASED & JOIN A NEW LIVE ONLINE FILM EXPERIENCE, DRESS UP, COSPLAY, LIVE Q & A SESSIONS WITH ACTORS, WIN PRIZES, CHAT WITH FELLOW SCI-FI FANS ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF HOME and hang out with the Writer/Director Steven L. Fawcette and Producer Angelique Fawcette on August 1st who will host this LIVE event and will share behind the scenes stories, independent filmmaking insights, deleted scenes, music from the soundtrack and so much more! Streamed LIVE. Watch on any connected device!

Captain Kirk Stillwood issues an important message:

Click and share this important message from our hero, Captain Kirk Stillwood (from the Chiodo Bros.), who is under attack and issues a Code One Priority Distress Call to every ship in the Fleet, urging them to rendezvous with the Exitprize in Cyberspace on Star Date 08-01-2020.

Former “Star Trek” stars and guest stars in UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! include: Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang, Tim Russ, Nichelle Nichols, Robert Picardo, Linda Park, Manu Intiraymi, Armin Shimerman, Vaughn Armstrong, Gary Graham, Anthony Montgomery, Marina Sirtis, Nana Visitor, Walter Koenig, Michael Dorn, Julie Warner, Dina Meyer, Olivia d’Abo, Jeffrey Combs, John Billingsley, Max Grodenchik, Casey Biggs, Gary Lockwood, Michael Forest, Jack Donner, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Brenda Bakke, Patti Yasutake, Steve Rankin, Michael Dante, Sean Kenney, BarBara Luna, Beverly Washburn, Celeste Yarnall, Bobby Clark, Jasmine Anthony, Menina Fortunato, McKenzie Westmore, Crystal Allen, Christopher Doohan with Original “Star Trek” Composer Gerald Fried, and one of the harmonica players, Tommy Morgan , also from TOS.

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