World Dream Conspiracy: ‘Sexy Jazz Night’, Interview

The Analog Soul of World Dream Conspiracy

Formed in 2023 in Colorado, World Dream Conspiracy transitioned from a shared struggle with addiction and depression to an emerging voice in experimental electronic music. Their initial performance at a psychiatric clinic laid the foundation for their sound, leading to their debut album “Sexy Jazz Night” set for release in March 2024 under The Circle Music and Logical Absurd. Their music, inspired by industrial and experimental pioneers, promises a journey through unconventional soundscapes and emotions.


Your band was formed in a unique environment: a psychiatric clinic. What initially brought you together as musicians and sparked the desire to collaborate? How has this experience influenced your creative vision and the themes explored in your music?

You’re right, the unique environment! Around 2020 I woke up in the clinic for alcohol and drug abuse and a depressive-suicidal mania, my wife left me. Josef had a club in the city which he had to close and fell into depression, he lost his house, while Linda simply demolished her parents’ apartment following a sort of pill cocktail and was forced into hospitalization. None of us were crazy, we were just victims of covid, all three of us. This is why we met and started spending practically all our time together, forming a sort of team, then we fantasized about the idea of forming a band, but really like a game, we started recording the phono, the fridge, the oven, water flowing and with some effect we started to do something and one Saturday we organized a small concert right in the clinic. About two years ago we rented a small rehearsal room and started playing more instruments and computers.

Although you mention Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil and Nurse With Wound as influences, are there any visual artists, directors or writers whose work resonates with your sonic aesthetic and inspires you creatively?

You know in our case I think that by listening to us you can certainly find that we have influences from all the bands to which we have been easily compared to direct the public to a product. I really like the idea of being able to shock the public, that everything you listen to from WDC is unpredictable, but in all this I like to think that it remains a logical thread. We are a kind of documentary / news program, we are horribly influenced by reality and contemporary culture.

“Sexy Jazz Night” is described as a “continuous mutation”. Can you elaborate on your creative process and how you achieve this ever-evolving soundscape?

We are a band exactly halfway between experimental and ambient music, and I find both definitions alone a bit boring for a band, I like to consider that we have an acid version and a mystical one and that they match each other, I find that our disturbing and obscene side goes very well with our elegant and cultured dimension.

Your music thrives on sonic experimentation. Can you share some insights into your favorite instruments, software or recording techniques that contribute to your unique sound?

We play rather analogue, we have different instruments and different open collaborations, there really isn’t a standard, the important thing for us is to take the concept of the classic instrument to the extreme a bit and to make the machines expressive and human, we really love the contrast between the freezing of the electronic machines and the heat of the forest, in some delirious parts we have the sounds of real chisels and the screams of real madmen (haha!), I think it’s part of the chaos!

What stories or emotions do you want to evoke through your sound?

There is an intent at the moment but I don’t think there is a global or overall intent. We really struggle to structure the albums as a band canonically would, I mean, our album is not “a musical genre”, it doesn’t have a single direction, at least until now, it’s a very varied and I think very “intelligent” listen, certainly not for everyone, and I say this to our disadvantage, we are complicated, tormented, close to oblivion but we are also fun, energetic, dynamic. We live our artistic expression freely, without any preconceptions or set goals.

How do you plan to translate the intensity and complexity of your music into live performances? What kind of experience do you want to create for your audience?

You know that I had never thought about the fact that one day we would play live: I am very bored by those electronic music festivals where you go to hear something “recorded” “live” and which often many pretend to play, plus their sort of “best of”. We represent anti-music, I don’t think it can be represented live. If we ever had to play live we would present something original, songs never played before.

For those who aren’t familiar with your sound, what would be your “gateway drug” song or album to introduce them to the World Dream Conspiracy universe?

That’s a good question! We are very amused by how our two labels (The Circle Music and Logical Absurd) have managed to promote the band, when they chose a song for us to choose to launch the album we found ourselves in a panic! We had prepared a clip for each song, for us each one was a world apart and it was impossible to choose one that represented us, they were all imprinted with our blood, I think WDC is a rather original listen, we removed every boring part or one that doesn’t suit us convincing, we never go off the rails but we often “skid” and lose our way, we are like an old cellar that hasn’t been dusted for years: inside you can find everything!

After “Sexy Jazz Night”, do you have any ideas or concepts for your next project? Will you maintain a similar sonic approach or explore new creative directions?

We are working on a second album called “Dead And Risen” with the collaboration of several external artists, including Scanner and Francesca Nicoli from Ataraxia, which makes us very proud, in fact it seems that Europe has reacted very well to our sonic dimension. “Dead And Risen” has very varied songs, however there is a greater presence of “songs” and structurally complex pieces, with some almost Arab-Middle Eastern parts and a good dose of extreme electronics, with significant ambient songs and an esoteric and psychotic atmosphere. Our first album will soon be available on vinyl and we are curious to know how the public will react, as we still don’t have any social networks directly associated with the band, we direct you to our two labels who often publish our stuff or you can listen to our music on Bandcamp.

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